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Caribbean Beach 5x7 300 ppi

Our Approach

My Approach

I will typically paint from a photograph that I have taken if I am painting in acrylics.  When I do a dirty pour painting I go to my collection of colors and put together what inspires me.  I have a list of favorites color combinations and I am constantly adding new ones.

Our Story

My Story

A few decades back I got a correspondence degree in art, before it was common to do self-study degrees.  I'd worked primarily in pen and ink, and oils.  Life took over and art was pushed to the wayside.  Jump forward to 2016 and I was inspired again.  I have created two hundred plus pieces since then, primarily in acrylics and watercolor, and I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Bright colors inspire me the most.  I enjoy the turquoise colors of the Caribbean and the blue of the sky.  I will start with no particular subject in mind, and by the time I've painted the sky, the painting develops.

My subjects range from acrylic dirty pours to soft watercolors.  I do landscapes and abstract pieces.  I've worked in pastels, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, pencil and digital art.  I find it all fascinating.  I think you will find something you will want on your walls at one of my stores.  I have several internet based sales platforms to choose from.  Click below and lose yourself in my vision.

To collect a piece by Kimberly LeClaire...

At this time you can collect an art piece by Kimberly on Etsy ,Ebay, RedBubble, Society6 and ArtPal.  Or, by going to www.artbyleclairedesigns.com.  Commercial printing and licensing is available upon request.

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