Where to find my art?

At this time you can collect an art piece by Kimberly on Etsy ,Ebay, RedBubble, Society6 and ArtPal.  Or, by going to www.artbyleclairedesigns.com.  Commercial printing and licensing is available upon request.

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Since 1993

Art By Kimberly LeClaire

Art is a beautiful expression of thought, and I hope you find items here that will evoke a range of emotions.  I want you to relax and let your mind wander.  Take in the beauty of nature and the simplicity of movement.

My Inspirations

My favorite artist has always been Thomas Kinkade.  He made the landscapes come to life.  There was always a light to guide you home and a promise that the details would draw you in.

My most recent inspirations were meeting some wonderful artists such as Linda Le Kempf, Patrick Guyton, LeBo and Marko Mavrovich.  I had always painted in oils or done work in pen and ink.  Seeing Marko paint at our event in acrylic inspired me to pick up the brush after more than twenty years and try a new medium, acrylic.  I have fallen in love with art all over again.

Next Steps...

Browse through my catalog of work and enjoy my new experience with both painting and photography.

Order a piece to place on your wall and get lost in the magic that is art.